Piloting a seaplane over Lake Como

Riccardo Brigliadori
(56 customer reviews)
Lecco, LC
2 hours
Italian, English
1 persone max
  • September 2023
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Have you ever thought you could admire the magic of the lake Como and its territories from a completely different perspective?

Then an experience of introductory seaplane flight on Lake Como is what you're looking for!

We have built for you an experience that combines amazement, adrenaline and safety.

This is what the experience involves:

Briefing with the pilot for 20-30 minutes to learn the basics of flying and piloting

45- or 90-minute introductory flight on Lake Como to admire the landscape from unprecedented perspectives

  • 45 minutes: overflying the entire Lecco branch with passages over the Castle of the Unnamed and overlook Lecco, Abbadia, Mandello, Lierna, Varennato arrive at Bellagio and then return;
  • 90 minutes: The 90 minutes allow you to fly over the entire lake up to the northernmost tip and land in front of theAbbey of Piona and going as far as Colico.


2 to 6 landings (depending on the duration of the flight and the weather conditions) in the most beautiful places on the Lario, from Bellagio to the Abbey of Piona

- A real piloting lessonhere it's serious, from the very first moment you will have control of the lever, throttle and pedals under the guidance of Italian champion Riccardo Brigliadori or his trusted instructor

Note: the aircraft is a two-seaterexperience therefore includes a single passenger alongside the driver. You can book flights for 2 people which will be organised consequently. In these cases it is also possible to identify a quay on the lake (near beaches, restaurants, bars, etc.). where to change passengers!

Riccardo Brigliadori

My name is Riccardo and I'm a pilot.

This passion became not only a profession but above all mission in life It's been coursing through my veins since long before I was born. 3 generations of champions behind my back.

I owe everything to my father, Leonardo Brigliadori: the first Italian world champion in 1985.

The 45-minute seaplane flight experience costs per person:

  • 1 person: €240
  • 2 people: 230 € per person; At checkout apply discount code IDRO45X2

 The 90-minute seaplane flight experience costs per person:

  • 1 person: 390 €
  • 2 people: 370 € per person; At checkout apply discount code IDRO90X2

Note: After selecting the date, also select your preferred time. This could be slightly modified by the pilot as required.


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15 minuti prima dell'orario previsto per il briefing
Lecco, LC

what is included

Briefing of 20-30 minutes
45-90 minutes flight time


Sunglasses, GoPro (or similar)

Customer reviews

30 ottobre 2022
È stato emozionante e senza eguali. Abbiamo ammarato, fatto virate e visto il tramonto. Fantastico! Lo rifarò sicuramente e lo regalerò
Rossana S.
2 novembre 2022
Regalo al mio fidanzato che l’ha lasciato senza parole e gli ha fatto provare un’emozione indescrivibile! Riccardo molto competente. Un regalo azzeccatissimo: unico e non scontato. Grazie di tutto
Giusy A.
1 luglio 2023
Molto bella! Il pilota, è stato gentile e disponibile, la rifarei.
Federica A.

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