We love to travel, discover, learn. 
We love people and their stories.
Enough to make it our life.

What is Cicero Experience?

Cicero explores a new way of travelling - people-driven journeys - based on the idea that people and their stories can add extraordinary value to our constant desire to go. 

We see each story as a precious universal tool that involves and helps to understand the past, decipher the present, inspire the future.

So Cicero's dream of putting people at the center as a source of narrative.
People with the power to turn our simple "going" into an unforgettable journey.

Why choose Cicero Experience?


Professionals selected one by one, because we really believe that people are the key to unforgettable experiences


Cicero Experience is a guarantee of quality and care in every detail, because you don't have to think about anything else but enjoying your experiences.

Ease of use

Feel like doing 'something nice'? It's never been easier - with Cicero you can book life experiences in 2 minutes.

Our story

Travelling is our true passion. 

The journey of travel begins three years ago when India calls and we can't resist it. It puts us to the test, makes us grow on a professional and personal level. It makes us discover a fascinating new face of the world.

As soon as we can we travel: we explore the warmth of Southeast Asia; the magnificence of the Himalayan regions, between rocky peaks and desert plateaus; the charm of islands that we didn't even know existed.

Country after country, we realize that the common thread that accompanied us across all those borders was one: people. They offered us their history by letting us inhabit their places, their gestures and their priceless knowledge.

We mature the desire to go beyond such globalizing tourism to focus on unique experiences, able to give indelible memories and sensations.

What if we use the power of these people and their stories as a tool to explore the world?


Let us begin to dream of a network of these professionals capable of creating a new concept of tourism: the transformative one. Aimed at those travellers willing to surrender to the indigenous value of a territory to let themselves be transformed by the experience itself. We decide it is time to make this dream a reality. It is time to return home and start again from that branch of Lake Como. But why do it by plane when there are beautiful, unknown worlds in between? Let's get in the saddle of our Royal Enfield. From Iran to Italy: 12,000 km between torrid deserts and forests, clay castles and perched monasteries; passing invisible lines separating a headscarf from a swimming costume. A journey of encounters, human warmth, stories and traditions that no book will ever be able to describe. A journey made up of the search for beauty. Born CiceroWhat if, step-by-step, we could actually create a Cicero network? Deep down, Dreaming never hurt anyone.