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Esperienze in Piemonte

When one thinks of Piedmont, it is easy to turn one's thoughts to the mountainsat the skiingto trekking and outdoor walks. Given its geographical location, this region allows for full immersion in nature and allows sports enthusiasts to spend whole days full of adrenaline and fun.

But Piedmont hides so much more, starting with monuments of historical interest and ending with small villages waiting to be discovered. Plan your next adventure now: choose from our experiences in Piedmont for memorable moments together with our experienced Cicero, who will know how to lead you through the most hidden streets and to the most beautiful places!

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Customer reviews

A unique experience, I would definitely recommend her. Sabina is an extremely professional and pleasant person. We will definitely be back for lunch to enjoy the experience from the other side of the room
Arianna Z. - Experience Brigade on Lake Orta
Lovely experience in a very beautiful and evocative place and where you eat really well, qualified staff helpful kind welcoming. To recommend to friends and family who love the mountains and dogs, beautiful specimens. thanks for everything we spent a nice weekend to remember for sure
Anonymous - Sleddog in the Cuneo area
Very nice experience and a particularly atmospheric environment. Very friendly staff who took care to share this experience in a professional and fun way.
Mattia Z. - Horse riding in Lurisia

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Piedmont... in pills

Discovering Piedmont

With a controversial history linked to the fate of the monarchy that made it the scene of numerous battles, the territory of Piedmont still shows signs of a difficult past but, at the same time, a symbol of courage and rebirth. Its buildings, its palaces, its gardens, its squares and everything that characterises it are the main reasons why millions of visitors each year choose it as their holiday destination, in search of a stay that spans from culture to sport, nature to architecture.

Visiting Piedmont means enriching oneself culturally and personally, and not only: the food and wine tradition is ready to amaze and tantalise, offering excellent ideas for loving the area and deciding to return.

What to see in Piedmont: the main attractions

Lakes, mountains, castles, fortresses and much more make up the cultural, artistic and scenic heritage of Piedmont, a region full of beautiful and enchanting places to discover and admire.

At the top of the list of things to see is the famous Palace of Venaria, not far from Turin, Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997. Its garden was elected the most beautiful public park in Italy in 2019 and contains numerous statues and beautiful paintings.

Other beautiful works can be found at Stupinigiwhere it is possible to visit the Palazzina di Caccia surrounded by a natural park and consisting of the former flats of the king, the queen, the Duke of Savoy and the Prince of Carignano.

A tour to discover the wonders of Piedmont, then, certainly cannot be excluded:

  • the Castle of Racconigiowned by the Savoy family since the mid-14th century and today belonging to the Savoy residences in Piedmont;
  • the Sacra di San Michelealso called the Abbey of San Michele della Chiusa, an architectural complex on the border between the Cottian Alps and the Po Valley;
  • the Castle of Aglièan imposing building dating back to the 12th century, a Unesco site and Savoy residence in Piedmont;
  • the Fort of Fenestrellethe Great Wall of Piedmont, consisting of three Batteries, three Forts and two Redoubts;
  • the Fort of Exillesin Val di Susa, one of the oldest defensive fortresses in Piedmont.

Finally, it is worth making a leap to the Basilica of SupergaA breathtaking view can be enjoyed from its summit, while the interior of its dome is a real treat for fans of neoclassical and late baroque art.

What to do in Piedmont: activities not to be missed

Thanks to the presence of the Alps and numerous other peaks, Piedmont is the ideal destination to experience high altitude experiences; for example, to the west of Turin lies the Val di Susa, a perfect place for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Here you can cycle, hike and take regenerating walks.

On the border with France, then, lies the Milky Way, the second largest ski resort in Europe: it reaches a height of 2823 metres, includes no less than 70 ski lifts and is equipped with 243 slopes, making it a true paradise for mountain and snow sports enthusiasts.

But the natural beauty does not end there:

  • the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Nature Park is a protected natural area in the Susa Valley, rich in white and red firs and over 600 plant species;
  • the Zegna Oasis is an unmissable natural wonder, with free access and an ideal place for walking and trekking in any season.

And for those coming to Piedmont with children, here is an interesting activity to participate in: the grape harvest! It is a traditional practice handed down from generation to generation that can be carried out in numerous wine cellars and farmsteads, allowing visitors to have a unique experience.

And after crushing the grapes, a tasting of the local wines through the different food and wine tours organised in the territory.

What to visit in Piedmont: the most beautiful places

There are so many places you can visit in Piedmont: museums, churches, coffee, historical sites and natural oases characterise this northern Italian region that never leaves you high and dry. The capital of Piedmont, Turin, is definitely in the lead: the Mole Antonellianathe Egyptian Museum, the Chapel of the Shroud and the Valentino Medieval Village are just some of the attractions worth admiring.

The list of the most beautiful places not to be missed also includes Acqui Termea town that has remained firmly anchored to Roman times: here, in fact, you can admire the aqueduct and thermal baths built by the Romans, along with the cathedral and the Archaeological Museum.

For nature lovers, then, they are definitely not to be missed:

  • three mountains straddling the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, namely the Ciarforon, the Tresent and the Becca di Monciair;
  • the Orco Valley and the Soana Valley, where skiing and trekking are possible;
  • the Sanctuary of Prascondùfrom where various hikes to the surrounding mountain pastures and peaks start;
  • the Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero Nature Parkski resorts popular with ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

To enjoy a few moments of relaxation, it is recommended to take a Borromean Islands touri.e. Isola Madre, Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori, followed by a boat trip on Lake Maggiore stopping in Stresa.

Finally, other small localities to be considered by those who like to lose themselves among ancient and characteristic streets are:

  • Ivreawith its majestic Castle, the Bishop's Palace, the Cathedral and the Church of San Bernardino;
  • Moncalierithe delightful old town, which houses the 19th-century Meteorological Observatory;
  • Saluzzo, a typical example of medieval architecture, which houses the late-Gothic cathedral, the Civic Tower and the Museum dedicated to Pellico.

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