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We create experiences. That is why they stand out.

Propose something truly exclusive is the first way to differentiate from the competition. Our experiences offer unique adventures because they are based on people and their stories. We support a new way of travelling, discovering and learning thanks to our Ciceros, specialists who have turned a passion into work and share their knowledge by offering truly extraordinary experiences.

From discovering the area to experiencing new emotions that intoxicate the senses, from moments of pure relaxation alongside your better half to pure sporting adrenaline, this is Cicero Experience. Become part of the family!

For you who want only the best for your customers

If you are the owner of an accommodation establishment, a travel agency, a company providing logistical services for tourism and you want to expand the offer for your customers by providing them with unique and unforgettable experiences, you are in the right place!

By becoming our partner you can truly distinguish yourself from your competitors, offering different experiences where the professionalswith their skills and knowledge, are then able to make the most of the territory and transmit competence and passion with exciting, fun and engaging activities!

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Propose something exclusive

We meticulously select and organise all our experiences so that they are unique and, thanks to the figure of the Cicero, are truly exclusive

Zero thoughts

We take care entirely of organising the experience; you simply propose them, getting a commission on each sale

Experiences for all tastes

Our range of experiences satisfies all kinds of interests, meeting the tastes of fans of sports, food and wine, adrenaline and more

Why offer the Cicero Experience?

The advantages are already quite clear but we can summarise them in three key points.


Guaranteed quality

All our experiences are unique because they are entirely tailor-made

Gain on each experience

For each Cicero experience your customers buy, you earn a commission

no stress

No organisational problems

The organisation of all experiences is entirely managed by Cicero

Want to know more?

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Looking for a temporary solution?

If you are not looking for an ongoing collaboration but for a simpler solution that can help you on the spot, write to us at [email protected]We will do our utmost to help you!

Why offer the Cicero Experience?

Guaranteed quality

Cicero Experience strives for quality and stands apart from mass tourism by nature. Customer satisfaction is not only at the centre, it is guaranteed.

Enhancing the uniqueness

Our aim is to give visibility to uniqueness. At Cicero Experience you will find a team dedicated to creating experiences that enhance the territory and the people.

Ready-to-use solution

How much time do you spend creating the perfect experience for your customers? With Cicero Experience you can have it ready at the tip of your fingers


Are your customers not easily satisfied? Is saying no not an option? No problem, book an exclusive experience and personalise it ad hoc.